[ros-users] call for testing: camera1394 in Diamondback

Jack O'Quin jack.oquin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 04:03:36 UTC 2011

The camera1394 driver release candidate is available in the
Diamondback source and binary package repositories. It includes
several new API features. All are compatible with the previous
release, except for the default reset_on_open value.

 * There is now a version of the driver that runs as a nodelet.
 * Format7 modes (thanks to Ken Tossell).
 * Focus and Zoom features (thanks to José Antonio Álvarez Ruiz).
 * The reset_on_open parameter now defaults to False.
 * The driver should only set video_mode or frame_rate parameters to
values supported by the device.

Updated documentation:


Ken Tossell, who contributed much code for this release has agreed to
join me as co-maintainer of the package.

We need tests on both Lucid (old 1394 kernel drivers), and Maverick
(juju kernel drivers). We especially need tests on Mac OS X. The more
different cameras we can test it with, the better.

If you run tests, please respond to this message (on or off list),
listing each processor type (32- or 64-bit), operating system, bus
type (1394a or
1394b), and camera model tried. Mention any problems you encounter,
and whether it could be made to work. Feel free to open camera_drivers
tickets for any bugs found.

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