[ros-users] Experiences with DrRobot Hardware and ROS

Kai Ritterbusch kai.ritterbusch at gmx.de
Thu Feb 17 13:36:06 UTC 2011

Dear ROS users,

I am reading here since a couple of days, because I am very interested
in your work and the ROS system. I am from the Institute for
Automatation at the University of Rostock. We work in the field of
laboratory robotics and want to investigate the use of mobile platforms
to connect stationary robotic systems. Afaik, something similar was
already realized using ROS. For now, we've chosen to work with a DrRobot

Do you have experience with DrRobot Hardware? Their APIs are available
for Windows only and use Windows-specific controls like ActiveX. But the
hardware is exposed to a wireless IP network and hence it could be
possible to use ROS!

If you could point me to any further information, it would be a great

Thanks in advance,


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