[ros-users] Problem linking to libraries from other Ros packages

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Ah perfect! Thanks a ton.

Might I recommend an update to the manifest.xml wiki page? The section about the 
<export> tag seems a little vague to me. It says what to do, but doesn't say 
why. Also, I'm sure an addition tutorial to 
the http://www.ros.org/wiki/roscpp/Tutorials page regarding how to link to 
libraries in other projects would be very much appreciated by ROS 
beginners. Just a thought :)


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The library you are trying to link to is named foo, not A in the CMakeLists.txt 
of A.  If you export -lfoo insteadof -lA it should work fine.  in our example 
code we often use ${PROJECT_NAME} for the name of libraries which makes the 
library have the same name as the package.  

As a side note, you don't need to explicitly link lib A, now foo, to bar in B's 
CMakeLists, it's already linked due to the export.  


On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 9:25 PM, Person With question 
<personwithquestion at yahoo.com> wrote:

>I am having trouble figuring out how to include libraries from other packages I 
>have written. I have attached a minimal example of my problem.
>I have package A that contains foo.cpp and foo.h, and I have package B that 
>contains bar.cpp from which it tries to call a function in foo.cpp. I have 
>placed foo.h in "include/A/foo.h", and all cpp files are in their respective 
>"src" folders. I have configured the manifests of package A and B as follows:
>---- A ----
>+ <export>
>+   <cpp cflags="-I${prefix}/include" lflags="-Wl,-rpath,${prefix}/lib 
>-L${prefix}/lib -lA"/>·
>+ </export>
>---- B ----
>+ <depend package="A"/>
>...and I have configured the CMakeLists.txt of packages A and B as follows:
>---- A  ----
>+ rosbuild_add_library(foo src/foo.cpp)
>---- B ----
>+ rosbuild_add_executable(bar src/bar.cpp)
>+ target_link_libraries(bar A)
>It seems that I have no trouble including "A/foo.h" from bar.cpp, but I cannot 
>use any of the  functions. When I try to compile package B, I get the error 
>"/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lA" What am I doing wrong?
>I would very much appreciate it if someone could point me in the right 
>direction, or email a new attachment with the fixed source. I've followed the 
>advice in the following links, but have had no luck getting this example to 
>ros-users mailing list
>ros-users at code.ros.org

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