[ros-users] Weird ros::ok() actionlib::SimpleActionClient interactions...

Felix Ingrand felix at laas.fr
Fri Feb 4 09:17:58 UTC 2011

Hi Vijay,

On 3 févr. 2011, at 22:33, Vijay Pradeep wrote:

> Hi Felix,
> Waiting for Server:
> Instead of calling waitForServer(), you can repeatedly call isServerConnected()
> Refer to the docs: SimpleActionClient::isServerConnected()

Is SimpleActionClient::isServerConnected() a recent addition? it does not seem to be define in my: 


while it is indeed in :


Or am I including the wrong simple_action_client.h?

PS: I am using the Ubuntu 10.4 VirtualBox appliance provided by WG, and which I regularly update.
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