[ros-users] ROS Diamondback Beta available

Kevin Walchko kevin.walchko at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 21:40:23 UTC 2011


I am trying to build diamondback, but having trouble with kdl. When I do rosmake kdl, it builds and produces a library (I can see it in the lib folder), but the rosmake script complains it can't find it.

  -- Installing: /Users/kevin/tmp/diamondback/geometry/kdl/lib/liborocos-kdl.1.0.99.dylib
  -- Installing: /Users/kevin/tmp/diamondback/geometry/kdl/lib/liborocos-kdl.1.0.dylib
  -- Installing: /Users/kevin/tmp/diamondback/geometry/kdl/lib/liborocos-kdl.dylib
  if [ `uname` = Darwin ]; then \
  		install_name_tool -id `rospack find kdl`/lib/liborocos-kdl.1.0.dylib kdl/lib/liborocos-kdl.1.0.dylib; \
  install_name_tool: can't open file: kdl/lib/liborocos-kdl.1.0.dylib (No such file or directory)

OSX 10.6.6
ROS Diamondback Beta
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On Feb 2, 2011, at 3:13 AM, Ken Conley wrote:

> http://www.ros.org/news/2011/02/ros-diamondback-beta-release.html
> We request your help in reporting any issues with this initial build.
> thanks,
> -- your friendly neighborhood turtles
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