[ros-users] launching all nodes in included launch file on specified machine

Ken Conley kwc at willowgarage.com
Mon Feb 7 17:08:18 UTC 2011

Hi Dan,

If you declare a machine tag as a default, it is only active for nodes
that are evaluated after it.  That enables the sort of behavior you
describe, I think.

In general, I want to redo the machine configuration (and am open to
others willing to contribute).   It's not nearly as powerful as it
needs to be.

 - Ken

On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 8:54 AM, Dan Lazewatsky <dlaz at cse.wustl.edu> wrote:
> For an experiment I'm running, I have all the nodes which need to run on the
> robot itself in one launch file, and all the nodes to be run on a remote
> machine in a different launch file. For simplicity, I want to have one
> launch file which launches everything by including the other two files.
> Looking at the documentation, I think I know the answer to this, but I
> wanted to check: Is there a way to run all nodes in an included launch file
> on a particular machine without editing the included file and setting the
> machine attribute on each node? If not, does anyone else think it would be
> useful to add a machine attribute to the include tag?
> Thanks,
> -Dan
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