[ros-users] ROS Diamondback Beta 2

Felix Endres endres at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Feb 9 10:52:47 UTC 2011

Hi Ken,

installed diamondback today via apt-get install ros-diamondback-all and 
noticed that it takes a lot of disk space. Examining the package cache
I found that the new knowrob package had 1.2 Gig as .deb and 2.1G when
installed, most of it in the subfolder 3rdparty.

There seem to be two issues that can be easily addressed:
- The package contains .svn folders in the lower levels of the fs-tree
- it contains identical data both compressed and uncompressed

Removing all .zip and .svn/ freed only about ~400M but is a quick 
Maybe one could remove the uncompressed data instead of the zip-files
but I have no insight here.

Maybe it's a worthwhile idea to generally exclude */.svn/* during the 


Am 07.02.2011 19:57, schrieb Ken Conley:
> http://www.ros.org/news/2011/02/ros-diamondback-beta-2-release.html
> Thanks everyone for the helpful reports.  We've pushed a lot of stack
> updates and are getting closer to our release candidate.  We
> appreciate your continued help with integration, including the updates
> to the installation instructions on the various Linux distributions.
> FYI: Here are some remaining OS X integration tickets based on
> Nicholas Butko's reports, patches welcome:
> https://code.ros.org/trac/ros-pkg/ticket/4764
> https://code.ros.org/trac/ros-pkg/ticket/4765
> https://code.ros.org/trac/ros-pkg/ticket/4766
> We still have some fixes that have not been released yet, but will be
> included in the next update.
>   - Ken
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