[ros-users] Trying to get bumblebee2 to work

xr tay wrathy1987 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 10 08:56:18 UTC 2011

Thanks for the reply from everyone, I manage to run the bumblebee2 launch file and display the camera through RVIZ.

The output from the /bumblebee2/right/image_raw was alright but the other output from the bumblebee2/left/image_raw
was not properly display. The output was full of black and white dots on the image. When I cover one of the camera, I found
out that the output was being produced from the right cam instead of the left cam.

Anyone knows where it went wrong? Is it got to do with my bumblebee2 config?

Here is my config:

process[bumblebee2-1]: started with pid [6214]
[ INFO] [1297324473.544436145]: Reconfigure request: brightness -1, encoding , exposure -1, gain -1, shutter -1, whitebalance auto
[ INFO] [1297324473.544534599]: reconfigure level = 4294967295
[ INFO] [1297324473.576890845]: [camera] video mode: 640x480_stereo_mono, frame ID: /camera
[ INFO] [1297324473.662994222]: Found camera with GUID b09d010099a7f9
[ INFO] [1297324473.663056380]: No guid specified, using first camera found, GUID: b09d010099a7f9
[ INFO] [1297324473.668001519]: [camera] connected to device, ID: 00b09d010099a7f9
[ INFO] [1297324473.673143496]: [camera] Auto Brightness set
[ INFO] [1297324473.678125407]: [camera] Auto Exposure set
[ INFO] [1297324473.685352035]: [camera] Auto Gain set
[ INFO] [1297324473.690035210]: [camera] Auto Shutter set
[ INFO] [1297324473.694721852]: [camera] Auto Whitebalance set
[ INFO] [1297324473.699256800]: [camera] Encoding set to 

> Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 11:07:14 -0600
> From: jack.oquin at gmail.com
> To: ros-users at code.ros.org
> Subject: Re: [ros-users] Trying to get bumblebee2 to work
> 2011/2/7 xr tay <wrathy1987 at hotmail.com>:
> > but the error is still there, so i was hoping if anyone have any idea on how
> > to solve this error.
> Here are some generic 1394 device authorization suggestions:
>  http://www.ros.org/wiki/camera1394/Troubleshooting#No_Bus_Access_Permissions
> The whole thing is quite confusing. Some commands set permissions for
> the running system. Others initialize permissions after a boot.
> -- 
>  joq
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