[ros-users] SICK LMS 200 not initializing with sicktoolbox

S.Al-Milli at surrey.ac.uk S.Al-Milli at surrey.ac.uk
Thu Feb 10 20:25:18 UTC 2011


Many thanks for your response Eric. When I kill the sicklms the laser sensor switches off and when I repeat the same happens again. I am certain that both my colleague and I have exactly the same setup, we even have a powerful Dell workstation with exactly the software setup that is also having the same problem so it's not just my laptop. We checked if the MacBook has the same USB controller as the Dell and they both have USB 2.0. I have a spare USB to serial adapter at home so I'll try it tomorrow instead of the one I was using even though the adapter worked the MacBook. As I said before, it is not a hardware problem as the Aira drivers allowed me read the sensor data on the both Dell systems. To me it seems that the ROS sicktoolbox drivers are not compatible with the hardware of the Dell laptop whereas the Aira drivers for the SICK are.

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On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 1:52 PM, <S.Al-Milli at surrey.ac.uk<mailto:S.Al-Milli at surrey.ac.uk>> wrote:

I have a SICK LMS 200 laser scanner and I have connected to my laptop via a USB to serial port arapter and I have been trying to follow the tutorial for the sicktoolbox_wrapper (http://www.ros.org/wiki/sicktoolbox_wrapper/Tutorials/UsingTheSicklms) and when I type in the command in terminal:

$ rosrun sicktoolbox_wrapper sicklms

I get the following output:

*** Attempting to initialize the Sick LMS...
       Attempting to open device @ /dev/ttyUSB0

Could you confirm that you have a /dev/ttyUSB0 device available?

And that is the _only_ output you see? If so, that's quite surprising... I've never seen the sicklms node output so little before when it cannot connect to a SICK (even when I, say, don't have a USB adapter plugged in).

and the SICK LMS 200 fires up with orange and red lights for around 25 seconds and then the light changes to green. But that is all what happens and the above output is the only output I see in the terminal. I am not even able to terminate the node with Control+C but have to use Control+Z and then kill the process. I have followed the tutorial to the letter and have not missed anything. I have confirmed that the laser actually works with this setup through the Aria software where I was able to see data streaming from the laser in the terminal window. The ironic thing is that my colleague who has the exact same setup and versions of Ubuntu (10.10) and ROS (cturtle) on a Mac book was able to start streaming data from the laser through the sicktoolbox_wrapper with no problems whereas I have a brand new Dell Latitude E6510 laptop. Can you please help me identify where the problem is?

Can you try killing and restarting the sicklms node after the SICK's light turns green? Are you certain that you and your colleague are using the exact same settings and parameters to the sicklms node? Also, can you try different USB ports on your computer (I've seen USB->Serial adapters be unusable on say, USB 3.0 ports of certain motherboards)?

- Eric

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