[ros-users] ROS on BeagleBoard-xM - problems installing

Yann Sionneau yann at minet.net
Sun Feb 13 21:16:18 UTC 2011

Hi Koen,

That is for this kind of configuration (running ROS on embedded systems) 
that the use of the RTOS RTEMS would be really great :)

RTEMS has a really smaller memory footprint, it is simpler than Linux, 
it is real-time and POSIX.

It would certainly run smoother than Linux on medium/low performance 
embedded System-on-Chips.

(This is in relation with the earlier post about ROS port to RTEMS 
during the Googler Summer of Code 2011) ;)



Le 13/02/11 19:57, koen buys a écrit :
> We've been upgrading our embedded ROS installation at our lab for a
> course, we'll be able
> to release new guidelines soon.
> The installation you mentioned was tested on our Beagleboards (old
> version) and not yet
> on our Beagleboard-xM (but I assume this should also work just fine)
> The new guidelines will be for our xM series.
> I'll ask for the cross-compile toolchain tomorrow.
> Koen
> On 12 February 2011 10:45, futureignobel<futureignobel at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to install ROS on my BeagleBoard-xM. I've tried installing as
>> described here: http://people.mech.kuleuven.be/~kbuys/embsensor.html but
>> with no success (Beagle won't even blink a LED). Any one out there
>> already done that?
>> Any suggestions welcome.

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