[ros-users] How to compare two point clouds?

Raymond Sheh rsheh at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Feb 18 14:39:38 UTC 2011

> Hi all,
> thanks for the replies.
> I am working at an object categorization project based on 3D information.
> I would like to classify objects through their shape properties ( from
> the object point cloud).
> First I thought, I can try to fit some primitive shapes like cylinders,
> spheres, cones, etc.
> However most of the objects are not symmetric and more complex.
> Hence I would like to create a kind of codebook of point-cloud-parts
> from the entire point cloud of the object.
> Later on, these point-cloud-parts could be compared with a query
> point-cloud of an object in order to find a similarity.
> However, to do so a reliable point-cloud similarity measure is required.
> As far as I know, ICP might be not that good for this purpose, since a
> good initial guess is required for a reliable alignment. Also the points
> clouds which are supposed to be compared have to be  similar.
> Christian
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Perhaps have a look at techniques that find and compare the numbers and 
characteristics of various descriptors (rather than the actual positions 
of individual points). I've been out of this space for a little while so 
I'm not sure what keywords are current ...
"spin images" spring to mind but of course there are many different 
techniques out there.

- Raymond

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