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Willy Lambert lambert.willy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 23:32:05 UTC 2011

2011/2/8 Willy Lambert <lambert.willy at gmail.com>

>>> The standard way to run executables in ROS packages is with rosrun, e.g;
>>> rosrun ocl deployer-gnulinux
>> Oh yes ! I still don't have the ROS reflexes :)
> it answers :
> ard at ard-host-v5:/media/DD_data/home/ard$ rosrun ocl deployer-gnulinux
> [rosrun] You have chosen a non-unique executable, please pick one of the
> following:
> 1) /home/ard/ros/orocos_toolchain_ros/ocl/bin/deployer-gnulinux
> 2) /home/ard/ros/orocos_toolchain_ros/ocl/install/bin/deployer-gnulinux
> #?
>  I know there are egal because one is the "make installed" version of the
> other, by I find it is strange and prevent from starting it automatically
> after boot (of course I have solutions to avoid this, but the rosway should
> work no ?)
> I makes me thinking about folder size and orocos_toolchain_ros is 1,7Gb on
> my computer x-(  I know there is some hard work on code size reduction on
> the Orocos side but nearly 2gb is quite huge.
> Does it exist a "rosmake clean" instruction ?

Let me up this subject,
after having built the orocos_toolchain_ros it seems it's a bit messy with
build and installed files. Firstly, rosrun find 2 executables for
deployer-gnulinux and can't choose. Secondly after having used "make clean"
in all the packages of orocos_toolchain_ros stack, it reduced from nearly
2gb to 350Mb with is by far more acceptable. Is it any "ros" tool to do this
? Would it be possible to add a global "make clean" at the root of
orocos_toolchain_ros ?
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