[ros-users] Including a package dependency in your personnal packages

Tully Foote tfoote at willowgarage.com
Sat Feb 26 17:33:47 UTC 2011

This would be great for answers.ros.org. It's a question for help with a
straight forward answer, and others might have the same question in the
future and having it easily searchable and tagged on answers.ros.org will
make it more visible in the future.


On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 5:28 AM, Willy Lambert <lambert.willy at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am not really sure this question has a place on the ros-answer site (I'll
> copy this to it  and auto answer me if you wish).
> I am a quite new ROS user and created my ros package which take a
> dependency (in my case eigen)
> I took my ages to find how to build this with thefollowing lines in my
> CMakelists.txt :
> #add the eigen dependency
> rosbuild_find_ros_package( eigen )
> include_directories( ${eigen_PACKAGE_PATH}/include/src )
> At the end it seems logical. I don't know if it is about my low knownledge
> about CMake, but I passed sometime searching in the documentation without
> any clue about this.
> First question, is it documented somewhere ? If not I would like to update
> the documentation but I don't know where is the rigth place :
> http://www.ros.org/wiki/rosbuild/CMakeLists/Examples : adding the use of
> another package for building, espacially the "include" directory (not so
> easy to find this page from scratch)
> http://www.ros.org/wiki/rosbuild/CMakeLists#rosbuild_find_ros_package :
> adding details about what you have to do after
> http://www.ros.org/wiki/eigen/Tutorials : adding the details in each
> packages tutorial "how to use me ?"
> Then, is it a roadmap in ROS on how a package gives the information to
> being used ?
> In my example is the include_directories( ${eigen_PACKAGE_PATH}/include/src
> ) package specific ? or is it a ROS habits ?
> Isn't it the job of ros dependencies system to add the includes ? for
> example in the <export> section of the manifest.xml ?
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