[ros-users] Instructions for NXT-ROS Bindings in tutorial are incorrect

Hatch, Jessica - 0665 - MITLL jessica.hatch at ll.mit.edu
Tue Jul 12 15:30:01 UTC 2011

I'be been working with the NXT Lego Robotics and diamondback build of ROS.
I was following the tutorials on

After getting repeated errors from the 'name' when I went to rosrun
robot.launch, and further digging into the API, I found that the correct
order for robot.yaml file is Type, Port, Frequency, Name and the Frame.
(From: http://www.ros.org/wiki/nxt_ros)
As opposed to what is listed in the tutorial.

Wanted to give a heads up for others trying the tutorial.


-- Jessica M. Hatch
Group 65
Summer Research Program
Office: B3-323
Phone: ex. 4973
Jessica.hatch at ll.mit.edu

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