[ros-users] [PCL-users] best practice to install PCL in ROS

Dejan Pangercic dejan.pangercic at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 05:59:57 UTC 2011

> There is only one way (and there has always been only one way): use whatever
> PCL package ROS provides, until we indicate otherwise.
I partly agree on this but since it is a common practice in ROS to
install software in stacks I have been mostly following
http://www.ros.org/wiki/perception_pcl page. That page on e.g. June
29th had an option to install the latest released version of PCL
(http://www.ros.org/wiki/perception_pcl?action=recall&rev=12, "For
users option") which included the code for e.g. visualization, parsing
of  command line arguments, etc. and which I  was very happy about.
The confusion for me came from the fact that the above mentioned
components were in the released version but are now not in the trunk
anymore. I however now understand that what was meant with the
released version is basically a released standalone version of PCL and
the trunk is actually a ROS version of trunk which has been frozen.

This conclusion (if correct) then leads to a follow up question: Would
it be possible to continue to provide instructions on how to install
the latest released version of standalone PCL in ROS?

> Please RTFM in the future before posting.
> http://www.pointclouds.org/downloads/ clearly states that for PCL
> integration with ROS you should visit http://pcl.ros.org.
You better be sure that I did that and not only one time. With that in
mind I really do not understand why do you have to use profane
language and taunt me. One of the remarkable assets of this community
was that it was always polite and helpful.

Many thanks for your answers anyways,

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