[ros-users] progress on ROS on OS X

William Woodall wjwwood at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 01:34:39 UTC 2011

So, we have been testing on Lion.  I am sad to say that wx is simply not
working on it.  I would love to be proven wrong here, but even the 2.9
"cocoa" version doesn't work on Lion because *we think* they are using
deprecated cocoa calls that were removed from snow leopard to lion.  My
colleague John <ash.gti at gmail.com> has been working on getting things
rolling in Lion, maybe he would like to comment further.

But, I am glad that this is becoming a priority, I look forward to better
support in the future!


William Woodall
Graduate Software Engineering
Auburn University
w at auburn.edu
wjwwood at gmail.com

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 11:09 AM, Brian Gerkey <gerkey at willowgarage.com>wrote:

> hi,
> Thanks to Stefan Schaal, who gave me a hard time last month for ROS
> having mediocre OS X support, especially given that I carry a MBPro, I
> can report on some progress.
> Wim and I started bringing up devel_electric builds of stacks on OS X.
>  The dashboard is here:
>  http://build.willowgarage.com/view/os-x/
> The stacks that we're currently building (or trying to build) are
> listed below.  More stacks are being added all the time, so check the
> dashboard above to see current status.
> These builds are testing the Electric development branch of each stack
> (often, but not always, trunk/default) against the Electric released
> versions of the stacks it depends on.  The machine the builds are
> running on is 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) and was bootstrapped according to
> the standard install instructions
> (http://www.ros.org/wiki/electric/Installation/OSX).
> I did *not* follow wjwwood's suggestion to configure MacPorts as
> strictly 32-bit (https://github.com/wjwwood/ros-osx/wiki).  As a
> result, I expect that we'll have trouble with anything using wx (e.g.,
> rviz).  In the future, we'll probably bring up a OS X 10.7 (Lion)
> machine, which reportedly will resolve these issues.  In the meantime,
> we can make progress on building all the non-wx stuff.
> The goal of these builds is to keep track of what works, and to
> prevent regressions.  A stack "works" when you can successfully
> `rosmake --rosdep-install -t <stack>`, which means that all system
> dependencies are correctly resolved, and everything builds and tests.
> How you can help:
> * If you're working on OS X, suggest stacks that you know to build
> that should be added to the list.
> * A lot of the work is in resolving system dependencies, in particular
> for things aren't available from MacPorts.  In those cases, we need
> "source rosdep" definitions.  Have a look at
> https://kforge.ros.org/rosrelease/viewvc/sourcedeps/ for examples.
> * If you get email from Hudson about an OS X failure, please have a
> look at it.  If you can't figure out what went wrong, forward it to me
> and we can dig into it together.
>        brian.
> assimp
> bond_core
> bullet
> common_msgs
> common_rosdeps
> diagnostics
> driver_common
> eigen
> executive_smach
> filters
> geometry
> image_common
> nodelet_core
> orocos_kinematics_dynamics
> physics_ode
> pluginlib
> robot_model_tutorials
> ros_comm
> ros
> ros_tutorials
> rx
> xacro
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