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in judgment. I have brought unto his nostrils the life which is ever lasting. I 
wine every evening. I come to those who are making rejoicings, and the gods who 
lighten the darkness; it is light. I have lightened the darkness. I have 
not my Heart- soul be driven away [from me]; and grant me a sight of the Disk 
Hail, thou who art exalted high upon thy standard, thou Lord of the Atef Crown, 
hath Ra carried away from him. The Sons of Revolt shall never more rise up. The 
was originally. Let nothing happen to shake it off again! Make ye me safe from 
upper leaf, and the name of the lower leaf?" [And the Osiris the scribe Ani] 
possession of the god Hu, and who hath taken possession of the Powers of Tem. 
whom thou wilt make perfect, [and place it] in the boat. Make it to sail in the 
to nought the acts of the foes of Nebertcher. "Deliver thou the scribe Nebseni, 
others say that he is Nefer-Tem; and others say that he is Sept who doth bring 
thou shalt make a cavity in the south wall, and, having turned the front of the 
self-born, king of the earth, prince of the Tuat (the Other World), governor of 
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