[ros-users] show video from robot in the web interface (based on rosjs tutoirial)

Alexander Shavykin alex at shavykin.ru
Wed Jun 8 20:42:34 UTC 2011


I have an Irobot Create and netbook with web camera on it.
The system on netbook is Ubuntu 10.04
I try to make control the robot with ROS via web interface from offboard
computer using wi-fi.
So there is very good tutorial with rosjs.

All examples work.
But i am a little confused how to show video from web camera on the robot in
my web interface.

So as i understand there are some methods for this task

To use service /imagetopic
to use gstreamer
and also others.
I don't understand how to realize these methods.
Could you give some examples how to show the video from the robot in the web
interface on off board computer?

Thank you.
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