[ros-users] OSGi ROSJAVA

Abhishek Verma toabhishekverma at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 10:59:32 UTC 2011

Hi Friend,
I have recently started working is ROSJAVA and while working on it I felt if
it can be a good fit in OSGI framework.
OSGi framework has lots of benefits which give good modular funtionality.
Apart from that inbuilt configuraton management and command line
funtionality make it nice framework.

I just build my roscore module a publisher and a subscriber which can
communicate with each other and tested it with Knopflerfish.

As I am new to osgi framewor and even rosjava , I want to know others view
on it. if anyone can for see something wrong in it?

If someone else also working on osgi and rosjava please let me know.

Thanks and Regards
Abhishek Verma
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