[ros-users] viewing COLLADA files in rviz

Armstrong-Crews, Nicholas - 0447 - MITLL nickarmstrongcrews at ll.mit.edu
Wed Jun 22 19:48:28 UTC 2011

Has anybody done this successfully?  It's giving me trouble...

I'm following this tutorial: http://www.ros.org/wiki/collada_urdf/Tutorials/Working%20Directly%20with%20COLLADA

I get the output:

WARNING: unrecognized tag sphinxdoc
process[collada_joint_publisher]: started
process[rviz]: started
[ERROR]: No name given for the robot
[ERROR]: No name given for the robot

The model loads fine in the adjacent OpenRAVE 0.4.0 window, but rviz gives me the status error: "URDF failed Model parse".

I'm using ROS diamondback binaries with jsk-ros-pkg.  I've tried with both the diamondback release version of robot_model, and the 1.5.1 release from the trunk (as downloaded by jsk_ros_patch).  I've also tried with one of the stock models from the collada_robots package.

Any bright ideas?


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