[ros-users] segway_rmp driver and rmp100

David Rajaratnam daver_ml at gemarex.com.au
Thu Jun 23 07:10:13 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the segway_rmp stack
(http://www.ros.org/wiki/segway_rmp) working and was wondering if there
was anyone else using these drivers (which wrap the IRI drivers) to
connect to a segway rmp100.

I haven't found too much information on the difference between the rmp
100 and 200 so was assuming/hoping that it would work the same - my
reasoning was that someone else on the team got the segway working under
player using some general rmp player driver.

Anyway, when I ran the iri's 'test_segway_rmp_200' program it sent the
segway hurtling into the desk. To protect myself (and everyone else)
from my stupidity the segway is now on blocks. I next ran the
segway_rmp200 ros node and the node looked like it started up ok with an
info message saying something like "Segway Ready".  However, it had a
similar result as before where the wheels were sent spinning wildly till
some sort of overload failsafe kicked in.

So I was wondering if anyone else is trying to do the same - or am I
doing something obviously stupid.


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