[ros-users] Postdoc or Graduate Position in Legged Robotics at Oregon State University

Jonathan Hurst jonathan.hurst at oregonstate.edu
Fri Jun 24 22:18:38 UTC 2011

The Dynamic Robotics Laboratory seeks a graduate student or Postdoc to
assume responsibility for the continued software development of the
ATRIAS class of Spring-Mass bipedal robots:

The successful candidate will be able to work in a team environment,
with the aim of implementing real-time controllers for running and
walking gaits on the monopedal and bipedal ATRIAS robots. The
candidate will manage and contribute to software for the robots, work
with students to perform experiments with the robots, and co-author

Research interests are flexible, the only hard requirement is interest
and experience in software development and robot control.  The ideal
candidate would have experience in several of the following areas:

- Project management (general)
- Software engineering project management
- Robot Operating System (ROS)
- Real-Time systems (we use RTAI)
- Embedded software (XMega chips)
- EtherCAT bus
- Matlab
- Printed circuit board design

To apply, please email Jonathan Hurst (jonathan.hurst at oregonstate.edu)
with a cover letter describing your research background and career
plans, a resume or CV, and the names and contact information for at
least three references.

Jonathan W. Hurst
Assistant Professor
School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
Oregon State University
204 Rogers Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-6001

jonathan.hurst at oregonstate.edu
Voice: (541) 737-7010
Fax: (541) 737-2600

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