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Osentoski Sarah (CR/RTC1.1-NA) Sarah.Osentoski at us.bosch.com
Mon Jun 6 23:14:35 UTC 2011

Hi mardoga,

Hopefully we can try to help you with some of this.  We're in the process of updating the documentation to reflect the newest release of rosbridge.

The first question is which browser are you using?  The remote lab requires a web-gl implementation  (http://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/Getting_a_WebGL_Implementation) as well as a browser that supporst websockets.  I know that currently firefox 4 does not support websockets.  We've had good luck using the Chrome web browser.

If you are connecting with rosbridge you should see a connected message in the bottom frame of wviz.html or wviz_sim.html.  If you're not connecting to rosbridge nothing will show up in the visualization and you won't see the connection message in the bottom frame.  If this is your problem you need to make sure that a) you've run rosbridge (rosrun robridge rosbridge.py), and that port 9090 is accessible from your server.

I updated some of the documentation today: http://pr2-remotelab.com/doku.php?id=using_the_remote_lab_infrastructure_using_the_ros_simulator

Hopefully this helps you get started.  One of the best ways to troubleshoot is to look at either the output of rosbridge or to examine the output to the console in the developer tools of the web browser you're using  In chrome you can can run shift+control+i  If you see errors in either of those places hopefully they will help us pin down what is going wrong.

Please let us know if this doesn't work for you and we'll try to help you trouble shoot through it.


Sarah Osentoski

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Hi all,

I'm 'playing' with the pr2 remote lab but I have some doubts. I can see a simple pr2 camera image with the browser (http://localhost:8080/stream?topic=/wide_stereo/left/image_color) but I can't see any image with the wviz.html (or wviz_sim.html).

I'm not sure about what I should launch to get it. I'm using a pr2 simulation in diamondback (ubuntu 10.10).

Has anyone help me? I have readed the remote lab PR2 documentation but I'm still confused.

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