[ros-users] cannot install diamondback in slackware-linux

Joe Romano jrom at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Jun 8 21:51:32 UTC 2011

Thanks for the feedback Rodrigo. I'm glad it worked. I'll be sure and update
the wiki accordingly.

In response to your question, my understanding is that:
"rosmake --no-rosdep rostest" does compile everything that the the rostest
package depends on within the ROS codebase, but does not check for or try to
resolve external dependencies. But, that is why we have the Slackware wiki
page, to handle those basic dependency issues. As you start to use other ROS
stacks/packages you might find that you are having compile problems with
other external dependencies, and will have to resolve them as they come up.
One example is the optional wxWidgets installation on the Slackware page. If
you installed this you should hopefully be able to compile the turtlesim
package with "rosmake --no-rosdep turtlesim".


On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 3:17 PM, Rodrigo Ventura <yoda at isr.ist.utl.pt> wrote:

> On 2011/06/07, at 19:31, Joe Romano wrote:
> > I'd be interested in hearing if you have success so we can remove the
> > untested warning at the top of the wiki page.
> Joe, yes, it builds successfully as you suggested! Thank you so much!
> Does "rosmake --no-rosdep rostest" compile everything?
> Best,
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