[ros-users] compressed_image_transport issue

Akin Sisbot sisbot at cs.washington.edu
Tue Mar 1 01:36:54 UTC 2011


When I run image_transport to decompress color images coming from openni
I receive this error:

>rosrun image_transport republish compressed

terminate called after throwing an instance of
'image_transport::TransportLoadException' what():  Unable to load plugin
for transport 'compressed', error string: According to the loaded plugin
descriptions the class image_transport/compressed_sub with base class
type image_transport::SubscriberPlugin does not exist. Declared types
are  compressed_sub image_transport/raw_sub theora_sub

I also see that the "compressed" plugin is already installed:

>rosrun image_transport list_transports 

Declared transports:
theora (*): Not available. Try 'rosmake theora_image_transport'.
 - Provided by package: compressed_image_transport
 - Publisher: This plugin publishes a CompressedImage using either JPEG
or PNG compression.
 - Subscriber: This plugin decompressed a CompressedImage topic.

Does any one know why the decompression does not work?

I am using Diamondback btw...



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