[ros-users] pr2_tabletop_manipulation_apps/Tutorials/Writing a Simple Pick and Place Application

Manuel Rodríguez mrodriguez at robotnik.es
Tue Mar 1 12:43:52 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm trying to run the .cpp file written in this
The arm grasps the object but does not lift it.

The rosrun shell shows this error:
[ERROR] [1298982592.493542455, 61.186000000]: The pickup action has failed
with result code -3

And the roslaunch shell:
[ERROR] [1298982592.492881311, 61.187000000]: Hand posture controller timed
out on goal (2)
[ERROR] [1298982592.493188051, 61.187000000]: Grasp error; exception: grasp
execution:mechanism:Hand posture controller timed out

Anyone knows what happens?
Sorry, I'm a ros-newbie.

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