[ros-users] Is ROS limiting channel bandwidth over network?

Sean Anderson sean.william.anderson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 22:21:02 UTC 2011


My team is trying to use image_transport compression in order to transfer
large amounts of image data over our wireless network.

We're using wireless N, but we have been unable to transfer for than 1
megabyte per sec over the network using ROS.

When using "rostopic bw <channel>" in conjunction we have noticed that the
bandwidth rises to 2 megabyte per sec (we've seen a max of 4MB/s with
multiple tabs running the bw check)

A colleague of mine noticed something about wpa_supplicant_node having a
wireless 11b max bandwidth limiter, is this what is limiting our transfer
rate? Does anyone know how to unlock the limit?

Thanks so much,

Sean Anderson
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