[ros-users] A small contribution related to teleoperation

Marcus Liebhardt marcus.liebhardt at pal-robotics.com
Tue Mar 8 15:33:48 UTC 2011

Dear ROS community,

First of all, I want to thank all developers and contributors very much for
all your efforts you put into the ROS project! Two months ago, I started to
work with ROS and it was a pleasure to learn it. The wiki, the tutorials and
the information provided by the mailing lists allowed me to progress very

I just submitted an enhancement patch
for the pr2_mechanism_model package, which adds a new helper class for
trees. This class is derived from and structured like the one for chains
written by Stuart Glaser and Wim Meeussen. I hope, it is a useful
contribution. Please let me know, if you like me to apply changes!

To give you an idea, where my motivation comes from and in which context
that helper class fits, I would like to give you a short introduction to my
work. My intent is also to get into contact with developers, who work on the
same or related fields. I would be happy to share ideas, problems and
hopefully solutions as well! :-)

I am doing my master thesis on unilateral teleoperation here at PAL Robotics
. More specific, I will focus on creating a controller to move the upper
body of an humanoid robot. We use Microsoft's Kinect as the input device for
the operator's commands.
Similar projects have already been published in the ROS 3D Contest, like
Halit Bener SUAY's "Humanoid Robot Control and
" and the various contributions of Taylor Veltrop about "Humanoid
 Among the key problems, which I will address in the next four months, are
adjustment to different users, joint limit avoidance and optimal
configuration(s) concerning expressiveness and precision.
To implement this controller I am working with ROS and KDL. For the above
mentioned challenges there is still work to do with the utilised inverse
kinematics solvers. Therefore I am also in contact with KDL developers (see
related discussions on the

So, thanks for taking the time to read this long email and please let me
know, if you have any questions and/or you would like me to provide more
information about the project. I am looking forward to pool development

With best wishes from Barcelona,

Marcus Liebhardt
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