[ros-users] Questions on fast_template_detector package

Maria Dimashova maria.dimashova at itseez.com
Fri Mar 11 17:16:29 UTC 2011


I am looking into the fast_template_detector package. Could you please
answer several questions I have on the implementation of DOT:

1. I found that DOT from this package is not invariant to small translation
(see section 3.3 of the paper "Dominant orientation templates for real-time
of texture-less objects", S. Hinterstoisser). Is it true? Are there any
plans to add it?

2. It seems that fast_template_detector does not support multi-scale
recognition, i.e. we can detect objects of train size only. Can
fast_template_detector find objects of different size?

3. What are the other differences between fast_template_detector's
implementation of DOT and the original Hinterstoisser's paper or
Hinterstoisser's DOT implementation (


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