[ros-users] WillowGarage object database appears to be down

Mario Bollini mbollini at mit.edu
Mon Mar 14 13:48:31 UTC 2011

Hello all,

The object database appears to be down.  I'm trying to access it from the
PR2 and local computers at MIT and get the following response:
[ INFO] [1300110016.618015970]: Waiting for
/objects_database_node/get_model_mesh service to come up
[ INFO] [1300110016.709798005]: waitForService: Service
[/objects_database_node/get_model_mesh] could not connect to host [
grasp.willowgarage.com:15432], waiting...

I was able to ping out to the internet and to grasp.willowgarage.com from
these machines.


Mario Bollini
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