[ros-users] Costmap not published, error: Polygon lies outside map bounds, so we can't fill it

hitesh dhiman hitesh.dhiman.1988 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 15:03:03 UTC 2011

Hi all,
When i run the navigation using costmap2d, i see the laser scan in rviz, but
do not see any inflated obstacles.
Rviz shows the grid cell messages are being published , and upon checking ,
/move_base/local_costmap/inflated_obstacles message is published with an
empy cell array:

  seq: 578
    secs: 1300546886
    nsecs: 279417959
  frame_id: odom
cell_width: 0.0500000007451
cell_height: 0.0500000007451
cells: []

Upon using rxconsole under ros.costmap2d debug mode i see this statement:
Polygon lies outside map bounds, so we can't fill it.
Since no path is planned, move_base enters clear/recovery mode.
Any suggestions?
Hitesh Dhiman
Electrical Engineering
National University of Singapore
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