[ros-users] Textured object recognition without fiducial markers using tod_training/tod_detecting

Julius Adorf jeadorf at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 22 20:39:34 UTC 2011


Has anyone prior experience with adapting tod_training to his/her own
training data
without fiducial markers?

I am trying to use the object_recognition stack to recognize textured
objects from
2d images. The training data I want to use has no fiducial markers. I have
modified the training pipeline to run on my training images without fiducial

1) supplying my own masks for the region of interest
2) using already segmented point clouds containing only the points of
3) supplying my own pose estimations
4) calling tod_training detector
5) calling tod_training f3d_creator

I am not sure about step 3).

* How influential is the pose information in the recognition process,
   i.e. will I have to put a lots of efforts into the pose estimation or
will rough estimates be sufficient?

I would of course also be willing to share my experience gained so far.

-- Julius

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