[ros-users] ROSUDP in ROSPY

John Peabody Jr jpeabodyjr at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 00:14:40 UTC 2011


I recently began a project that uses ROS and we are looking to leverage
ROSPY. It is actually a ROS node on a mobile device so we are utilizing the
great work done by the gentlemen at TUM (

The issue however, is that we would like to subscribe to topics using ROSUDP
within ROSPY. We would rather have the ability to drop connection and have
it come back on line quickly then attempt to guaranty delivery of every
message. I have followed the tracker and previous posts on this list and it
looks like the idea of developing ROSUDP for ROSPY is no longer of interest.
Is this really the case?

I would appreciate any guidance on this matter.

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