[ros-users] Is ROS limiting channel bandwidth over network?

Cedric Pradalier cedric.pradalier at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 20:28:28 UTC 2011

> Also, just to rule out the wifi as the culprit, have you tried running the
> iperf ( http://iperf.sourceforge.net/ ) tool to get some performance numbers
> for your wifi? On one computer run `iperf -s` and on another run `iperf -c
> <others_ip_address>`. After a little bit it should output a bandwidth number
> on each computer. How does that number compare to the bandwidth you see when
> looking at, e.g., rostopic bw for the compressed topics?

I also use iftop to monitor this kind of problem, and see where my bw
is going...
Just my 2c...

Cedric Pradalier

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