[ros-users] Name of the CMake variables defined by the manifest.xml

Lorenz Mösenlechner moesenle at in.tum.de
Mon Mar 28 09:25:10 UTC 2011


I guess you might be looking for 'rospack export'. It allows you to
get the cflags and linker flags required to compile against a library
in a ros package. Here same examples on how to get cflags and lflags:

rospack export --lang=cpp --attrib=cflags opencv2
rospack export --lang=cpp --attrib=lflags opencv2

There are some more convenience commands for cmake integration, for
instance, to get only  include directories. Rospack's wiki page will help there:

ROS' cmake toolchain uses exactly these commands. It calls rospack to
get all required flags and directories by calling rospack and adds
them to the current target flags. The corresponding cmake macros can
be found in the 'rosbuild' package.


> Hello
> I am interested how the "depend package" statements in manifest.xml
> file are related to variables within cmake.
> My problem is that I compiling non ROS libraries within a ros package
> and i need to cmake variables defining the include path and libraries
> names.
> A an example: I defined
> <depend package="opencv2"/> within my manifest
> I like to link now the opencv to my non ROS libraries and i need a
> cmake variable defining the opencv shared libs like OpenCV_LIBRARIES
> pointing to the ros opencv.
> Greetings
> Markus
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