[ros-users] rosprotect erro when compile rosbag

Alexander Pérez Ruiz alexander.perez at upc.edu
Tue May 3 08:42:35 UTC 2011

Hi Daniel,

I resolved to remove the dependency of the tf and I will use our own library
to provide the Quaternions class that really it was my requeriment of the tf

I will stay pendant about any improvement of the cross compiling of the set
of minimal packages.

Best Regards,


2011/4/29 Daniel Stonier <d.stonier at gmail.com>

> I was actually having the same issue yesterday - I haven't ported rosbag
> yet, it still uses some posix only functions. I might look at it next week -
> otherwise feel free to send me a patch to look at.
> Nonetheless, it's a funny dependency. Often the ros system overdoes it. In
> this case, its geometry_msgs which has an indirect (not a compilation)
> dependency on rosbag. It would be more convenient if xxx_msg packages were
> strictly msg packages and avoided any compilation dependencies.
> If you want to go ahead, simply comment out the dependency on
> rosbagmigration in geometry_msgs/manifest.xml.
> I'm actually curious as to what you'll need towards getting tf to compile
> and run. To date I've just been using msg's and comms in my windows
> programs, but that one is on my todo list as its a very common need. Keep me
> up to date with the problems you run into and I'll start looking at them.
> Regards,
> Daniel.
> 2011/4/29 Alexander Pérez Ruiz <alexander.perez at upc.edu>
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I was looking you on IRC, but maybe I had problems to cross the firewall
>> of my office correctly.
>> One of the problems I have found is when i try to change/revert to the
>> toolchain native linux. This operation should be do it as a root or several
>> python scripts fail with an OSError.
>> Furthermore, I found a problem with the rosprotect --pre-clean --minimal
>> when I am compiling the rosbag I get the following error:
>> In member function 'void rosbag::ChunkedFile:pen(const std:tring&, const
>> std:tring&)':
>> error: 'ftello' was not declared in this scope
>> error: 'fseeko' was not declared in this scope error:
>> I have searched about this problem and I think that is a mingw's problem
>> due to http://www.gnu.org/s/hello/manual/gnulib/ftello.html
>> Compiling the --comms does not a problem but my node uses the tf then I
>> need to have --minimal compiled.
>> Has someone else reported a problem like this?
>> Thanks in advance. Regards,
>> Alex.
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Alexander Pérez Ruiz
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