[ros-users] New rosjava Client Library

Damon Kohler damonkohler at google.com
Fri May 13 04:55:35 UTC 2011

Dear ROS (Java, and Android) users,

I'm happy to announce the alpha release of a new rosjava client
library written in pure Java (http://rosjava.googlecode.com/). In
partnership with Willow Garage, I've been working on this pure Java
implementation of ROS for the last few months. We announced it
publicly yesterday at Google I/O during the Cloud Robotics tech talk

One exciting aspect of rosjava is Android compatibility. You can now
integrate Android devices with your ROS-enabled robots and write apps
for them. In addition, with the newly announced Open Accessory API and
Android Development Kit, you can start controlling actuators or
reading external sensors directly from Android devices.

There are demos of Android integration in the tech talk and also
sample Android code in the rosjava repository (see

This project is under active development and should be considered
alpha quality. ROS toolchain integration is not yet complete and APIs
will be changing as we continue to move forward.

Best regards,
Damon Kohler

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