[ros-users] installing on debian wheezy

brice rebsamen brice.rebsamen at gmail.com
Fri May 20 05:23:55 UTC 2011


I am currently installing ROS on wheezy (amd64). Here are some of the
problems I encountered and fixes.

first of all, desktop-full fails because it cannot access the perception stack:

[/media/data/dev/ros] $ rosinstall .
Installing http://svn.pointclouds.org/ros/tags/perception_pcl-0.10.0
to /media/data/dev/ros/perception_pcl
svn: REPORT of '/ros/!svn/vcc/default': 200 OK (http://svn.pointclouds.org)
ERROR: Failed to install tree '/media/data/dev/ros/perception_pcl'
 vcs not setup correctly

So I continued with the desktop installation.

Compilation of rosconsole failed because it could not find
log4cxx/logger.h so I had to install package (with apt-get)
liblog4xx10-dev. It happened just after rosinstall invoked apt-get to
install some missing dependencies though, so I guess there is a
problem here with the list of dependencies...

Compilation of rosrecord also failed because the linker add an issue
linking with boost::filesystem. I add to modify the CMakeList
(ros_comm/tools/rosrecord/CMakeList.txt): added filesystem in the list
of boost dependencies for the rosplay executable.

After that the whole installation went fine. I will proceed with
testing and report any further problem.


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