[ros-users] remote control (kbd / joystick / etc.)

brice rebsamen brice.rebsamen at gmail.com
Wed May 25 04:44:42 UTC 2011


I am looking for a way to remote control my robot
- for quick testing of the base control drivers
- for data collection
- to return the robot to the storage area without having to carry it
- etc.

The only code I could find was the teleop_turtle_key.cpp. I adapted it
to my robot (i.e. changed a few names, and converted from
turtle::Velocity msg to geometry_msgs::Twist) and it works. However,
it has a problem: there is no way to set the velocity to 0 (I could
introduce an extra key to stop though). This is due to the nature of
the code: it does not handle key press and key release events. This
also means that it cannot move and turn at the same time.

I have written a code to do that. It relies on Xlib. It opens a small
X window and get the key events from there. It works fine. I could
port it to ROS and make it available.

But I wanted to know what was already there. I cannot believe nobody
has done this before.


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