[ros-users] Can ROS run on a embedded system?

Daniel Stonier d.stonier at gmail.com
Fri May 6 04:31:56 UTC 2011

2011/5/5 qiang yu <yuq825 at gmail.com>

> As I know EROS is for cross compiling ROS to a powerful embedded board
> which already running some powerful OSes (like Linux). There is no light
> weight ROS client for less-powerful embedded boards. I used to look for one
> too. But now I plan to port one in C myself.

You don't need a full distro to run ros, we've installed it to something as
small as a custom busybox based system. The only requirements for getting a
basic system up and running with ros messaging for custom embedded software
are the c/c++ libs, the apache libs (apr, apr_util, log4cxx) and boost.
Certainly doesn't need a powerful distro.

Eros just provides tools for doing that (and if something's missing that you
need, please suggest or incorporate it so others can take advantage of it

Nonetheless, roscpp and those logging libraries are sometimes more than you
need/want on a really tiny board and we're quite partial to the idea of a
light version of roscpp for the excruciatingly embedded. Morten Kjaergaard
experimented with developing a light version of roscpp setting up pubsubs
and using only boost asio (for tcp/ip sockets), xmlrpc (fpr ros master
connections) and just printf style logging. You can find that in the
roscpplight package in eros (trunk). That might be good as a starting point
or even better, flesh out a design and collaborate on this.

You could probably even drop boost asio if you wished, though short term its
convenient to help speed up development and may actually be better in the
long run. We've also talked about is using syslog for logging. Troy has also
talked about different registration mechanisms to xmlrpcpp (aka zeroconf),
but thats a change that can't be isolated to a light version of roscpp.

> 2011/5/5 Yu Bin <master.yubin at gmail.com>
>> Dear all,
>> I have find some information on the website below.
>> http://www.ros.org/wiki/eros
>> <http://www.ros.org/wiki/eros>Thanks all the same.
>> rgds
>> Yu Bin
>> 在 2011年5月5日 下午8:09,Yu Bin <master.yubin at gmail.com>写道:
>> Dear all,
>>> Most robot using ROS under ubuntu or other PC systems.
>>> I had a question, can ROS run on a embedded system?Are there examples of
>>>  the application?
>>>  Please give me some suggestions. Thanks a lot.
>>> rgds,Yu Bin
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