[ros-users] No data from kinect sometimes

Arbeiter, Georg Georg.Arbeiter at ipa.fraunhofer.de
Wed Nov 23 12:49:39 UTC 2011


I have some strange problems when using the openni_node Kinect driver. 
My setup is the following:
1. roscore runs on PC1
2. rosrun openni_camera openni_node on PC2
3. rosrun rviz rviz on PC2
I use electric on Ubuntu 11.04.

If I run step 2 for the first time, I get data from the Kinect and can 
visualize it in RViz. But if I kill the openni_node and start it again, 
no data arrives at RViz. Sometimes it helps to unsuscribe and 
re-subscribe to one of the topics (e.g. by unchecking and checking the 
RViz plugin) but not all the time. I tested with the rgb/points and the 
rgb/image_raw topic. Same behaviour for both.

Surprisingly, everything works fine if I start the roscore on PC2. Then 
I can kill and restart the openni_node repeatedly and data is shown in 
RViz all the time.

I do not get any debug output but if I set the parameter 
/depth_registration to false before each restart, the message
[ WARN] [1322051655.230485239]: turning on depth registration, since 
PointCloudXYZRGB has subscribers.
is shown in the second case but not in the first case.

Best regards,


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Nobelstrasse 12, 70569 Stuttgart
Telefon 0711-970-1299, Fax 0711-970-1008
mailto:georg.arbeiter at ipa.fraunhofer.de

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