[ros-users] rosboost_cfg prefers newer version to ROS_BOOST_ROOT

Sebastian Höfer sebastian.hoefer at tu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 20 17:17:38 UTC 2011


I have discovered a problem with rosboost_cfg. I have two versions of 
boost installed on my machine (Ubuntu 10.04). One version is 1.47 64bit 
which I compiled myself, the libs are located at /usr/local. The other 
version is the one which comes with ros and which is located at /usr.
(In case of diamondback the boost version is 1.40, 32bit; but the same 
problem occurs with electric.)

Obviously, my newer version is incompatible with ROS, so I tried to 
override the ROS_BOOST_ROOT by setting it to /usr. However, this is 
ignored and rosboost_cfg chooses 1.47 anyway, since the function 
"find_versions" sorts the possible library includes by its version, see 
rosboost_cfg.py, line 171. In my opinion, this is a bug since setting 
ROS_BOOST_ROOT explicitly should override all other settings.

Therefore I would suggest to file a ticket for this issue.

It seems that this issue has already been somehow reported on the 
mailing list: 
However, no suggestion to solve this problem was made.


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