[ros-users] Ros on windows call

Daniel Stonier d.stonier at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 07:50:39 UTC 2011

Hi Ros userland,

This is an announcement to offiicially update the status of ros electric on
windows. To summarize what is there:

*Mingw Ros*
For those who want to make windows apps (namely qt apps) whilst still
developing in linux. This is working with the basic ros, ros comms and any
message (msgs/srv) package.

   - Uses the mingw_cross <http://www.ros.org/wiki/mingw_cross> cross
   - Uses rosbuild2 for a cross-compiling mingw build
   - Integrates with qt to build cross-platform linux/mingw qt-ros

The status is fairly complete for what it is intended to handle - mostly
development of testing/debugging apps. However if you have an itch, feel
free to scratch it.

*Msvc Ros*

Getting ros to natively compile with the ms compilers.

   - Currently using the ms express 2010 compiler to build a 32-bit
and headers) for the core ros/ros_comm/message packages
   - Uses rosbuild2 & nmake for a complete msvc build

*Call for Helpers*
As you can see, the basics are functional (namely rosbuild2 functionality)
and we've done some testing here at Yujin/Korean government groups to sort
out a few of the porting issues. However, there's still quite a few areas
that really need some work. You can see a list of the primary jobs we're
targeting on the roadmap <http://www.ros.org/wiki/win_ros/Roadmap>.

I've posted a stack proposal
the win_ros pages - if you want to be involved in the direction of the
stack, feel free to ramble on the review page.

If you would also like to be involved more directly with development, please
get in touch with me via email. A good linux/ros developer + windows
developer should be able to push this in a good direction as it needs good
integration on both sides. I'm a linux control engineer, so if you are an
experienced windows developer it would be especially useful - I can bridge
whatever gaps there are to the linux world and ros build framework.

Daniel Stonier (Yujin Robot).
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