[ros-users] octomap_mapping depends on motion_planning_common

Carlos J. ubuntuslave at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 21:28:28 UTC 2011

There seems to be a broken dependence from octomap_mapping's
octomap_server to motion_planning_common's
mapping_msgs::CollisionObject. Surprisingly, the octomap_server from
binary depends instead of arm_navigation_msgs (e.g. #include
<arm_navigation_msgs/CollisionObject.h>), whereas the octomap_server
from source depends on motion_planning_common's mapping_msgs

The problem exactly is within motion_planning_common, which is not
longer available from binary, and compiling from source fails (in my
case). The error is on the motion_planning_common stack, for instance:
error: ‘Message’ in namespace ‘ros’ does not name a type.

I just wanted to let octomap users know.



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