[ros-users] openni_camera and the /etc/primesense/GlobalDefaults.ini file

Hordur Johannsson hordurj at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 19:19:42 UTC 2011


I was looking at this recently and the GlobalDefaults.ini is read by
XnSensorServer. On the other hand the openni_camera overrides some of
the parameters. If you look into openni_device_kinect.cpp,
openni_device_primesense.cpp,  openni_device_xtion.cpp depending on what
camera you have, e.g. in primesense registration type is set to 1
(hardware registration) while in the kinect device it is set to 2 which
is software registration.


On Wed, 2011-08-31 at 20:11 -0400, Ivan Dryanovski wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> > I don't know whether the Live Pro actually supports hardware sync and/or
> > registration. Your experience suggests it does not, which would be a shame.
> If you look at the second thread I linked, someone is claiming that
> the sync and registration should be available through the OpenNI API.
> If that's true, then most probably the ros driver doesn't properly use
> the API.
> Ivan
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