[ros-users] User-friendly improvements to rviz

Stéphane Magnenat stephane.magnenat at mavt.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 15 11:59:45 UTC 2012


Rviz is a great tool, but some default plugins are missing some features 
very useful in research (and often demanded). In particular:
- Visualization for OccupancyMap should be able to display gray-scale 
values corresponding to occupancy, and not only 3 values.
- Markers lists should be able to handle per-element alpha. I know that 
the web page states otherwise, but frankly I do not see any reason not 
to do it. It is very useful, in particular for triangle lists.

Therefore, I decided to go forward and to implement these two features, 
they are available here:
I might add more features depending on the needs here at ASL. Of course, 
I would be very happy to see these features contributed upstream.

Your comments are welcome,

Kind regards,


Dr Stéphane Magnenat

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