[ros-users] Image streaming problem with pgr_camera_driver (GigE) with Ubuntu 12.04

Chien, Chiun-Hong (JSC-ER)[Jacobs Technology] chiun-hong.chien-1 at nasa.gov
Thu Dec 20 16:42:13 UTC 2012


I have been using CCNY's pgr_camera_driver for a PGR Flea3 GigE camera running with ROS Fuerte on Ubuntu 11.10 without any problem.  I recently upgraded Ubuntu to 12.04, and pgr_camera_driver stopped working.  Image streaming from the Flea3 camera was received and published for a few seconds and stopped.   As image streaming from Flycap worked just fine, the problem I am having seems to be associated with pgr_camera_driver.  Have anybody had a similar problem or know how to fix it?



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