[ros-users] Announcing new ROS Arduino Bridge stack

Patrick Goebel patrick at pirobot.org
Mon Dec 31 19:35:50 UTC 2012

Hello ROS Fans,

I would like to announce a new stack for controlling an Arduino-based 
robot with ROS.  The documentation can be found at:


The stack includes a base controller for a differential drive robot as 
well as support for reading sensors and controlling PWM servos. The code 
does *not* depend on rosserial.

The packages have been tested against the ROS navigation stack 
(Electric) using a Pololu motor controller 
<http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/2502> and Robogaia encoder shield 

This stack comes out of a discussion amongst members of the Home Brew 
Robotics Club (HBRC) for extending ROS support to hobby-level robots 
using inexpensive and easily obtained hardware.  The code was inspired 
by Michael Ferguson's ArbotiX drivers and borrows heavily from it.  
(Thanks Fergs!)


http://www.pirobot.org & http://hbrobotics.org

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