[ros-users] rosbag exits abnormally

K Chen chk0105 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 08:03:15 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am using rosbag to record kinect PointCloud2 and tf data, but it
abnormally exit every time when I specify the buffer size.

I tried:
rosbag record -O xxx.bag -b 0 /tf /camera/rgb/points

rosbag record -b 0 /tf /camera/rgb/points

But it just records about 300MB data and prints "Killed" and exit, leaving
a .active file and I can still see the zombie node using "rosnode list".
Using it without specifying the buffer size works well but soon the buffer
is full and it has to drop old messages.

Is it a bug or where I am wrong? And where can I view the rosbag log so I
can further locate the error?

I am using electric under ubuntu 11.04

Thanks for any help.


University of Science and Technology of China
School of Computer Science and Technology
Multi-Agent System Lab

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