[ros-users] Capability of ARM dev board for ROS host

Kent Williams k3nt00 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 08:06:00 UTC 2012


I'm having a hard time determining if an ARM development board such as the
beagleboard or even pandaboard are capable of fulfilling the choice for the
main computer on a current project. I have the beagleboard xm and once you
get linux and ros up and running, that 512mb of ram doesn't look like it
can stretch too much further. I've been examining benchmarks of these two
boards vs single and dual core atoms and they are quite a ways off in
performance. I mention atoms because I know the netbooks being used out
there with ros even have a hard time with a mediocre load. What is the
extent to which you've seen a beagleboard, pandaboard, or the like come to
hosting ros and doing image processing, localization, and path planning?

Any comments or feedback would be much appreciated!


Kent Williams

k3nt00 at gmail.com
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